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Help accelerate progression and have individual coach attention for your athlete. We specialize in cheer and tumble instruction and our coaches are happy to help your athlete with flexibility, stunting, or drills to aide in reaching their specific goals. Private lessons can be booked 2 weeks in advance using our online registration. You have the option to book with a specific coach or any coach based on their availability. 

Please find our private lesson pricing below and contact us with any questions! For semi-private lessons, one person should book on behalf of both individuals.

Private Lesson (1 to 1)               Semi-Private Lesson (2 to 1) 

$50 for 30 minutes                  $60 for 30 minutes

$70 for 45 minutes                  $80 for 45 minutes

$90 for 1 hour                        $100 for 1 hours

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