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What We Will Do:

  • All children, staff, & adults are required to wear face coverings at all times

  • Staff will enforce social distancing during all classes when possible

  • Contactless temperature checks upon entry

  • Contactless hand sanitizing stations upon entry & inside the gym

  • Shoe cleaning mats upon entry

  • Staff will encourage hand washing & hand sanitizing throughout classes

  • Equipment, high touch surfaces, & bathrooms will be sanitized between classes and as needed during classes

What You Can Do:

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well or have recently traveled to high risk areas

  • Encourage children to keep hands away from face

  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow or a tissue

  • Label water bottles & remind there is no sharing

  • Arrive ready for class & limit outside belongings

  • Remind your children about COVID-19 procedures and social distancing

  • Restrooms are available and sanitized regularly, but please try to use the bathroom at home before your arrival when possible

Your safety is our priority!

We are doing our best to follow all NYS DOH and CDC guidelines to provide a safe and positive experience. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!


Reservations and Capacity:

  • Only one session will be conducted at a time and a 15 minute sanitizing/check-in buffer has been built in between all sessions.

  • There are no drop-ins currently and all classes or open sessions require registration prior to attending.

  • All class sizes will be kept small to ensure we have space for distancing.

  • At this time, classes will be drop-off only, except for classes that require parent/guardian supervision and private sessions.


Temperature Checks:

  • Contactless temperature checks with be required for anyone entering the facility (children and adults).

  • A temperature at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be permitted into the facility.


Face Masks:

  • Anyone entering our facility is required to wear a face covering

  • We have disposable masks available when needed


Social Distancing:

  • Staff and children will practice social distancing whenever possible and markers will be used to denote 6ft.

  • Tumbling class does require our staff to ‘spot’ or help your child during class, which does require close contact.

  • Stunting and some games are close contact activities.


Sanitizing and Cleaning:

  • Contactless hand sanitizer and hand soap is available throughout our facility and will be required before and after all classes.

  • Signs referencing good hygiene will be posted and our staff will remind children as needed.

  • Equipment, high touch surfaces, & bathrooms will be sanitized between classes and as needed during classes.

  • We will use shoe cleaning mats upon entry and ask customers to choose clean shoes when possible.

  • The entire facility will be deep cleaned and vacuumed daily.



  • Our staff will check their temperature and wash hands before each class.

  • Staff will be using hand sanitizer and sanitizing equipment, as needed, during classes.

  • Staff will always be required to wear face coverings.

  • Staff will maintain social distancing when possible, but please understand the nature of cheer and tumble will require staff contact with your child to keep them safe while learning new skills.

  • If a staff member has a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, they will be required to present a negative COVID test to return to work and be free of any fever or symptoms.

    • Please understand staff sickness may result in class cancellation and you will be given the choice of a make-up class, credit, or refund.


Positive COVID Test:

  • If we become aware of a positive COVID-19 test for either our staff or a customer that has been in our facility, we will work with appropriate health officials for contact tracing protocol and notification to those who may have been exposed.

  • If a child or family member is sick with COVID-19 or has been asked to quarantine, we will offer your choice of a make-up class, credit, or refund for classes missed.

    • Documentation of proof will be required.

  • If required, we will close for 2 weeks and you will be given the choice of a make-up class, credit, or refund for any canceled classes.

  • Before reopening, the facility will be deep cleaned.

Arrival Procedure:

  • At this time, classes will be drop-off only, except for sessions that require parent/guardian supervision and private sessions.

    • A parent/guardian must participate in all toddler classes.

    • A preschool parent/guardian may stay inside the gym to watch or drop off based on your child’s needs and comfort.

    • Private playtime sessions require parent/guardian supervision.

    • A parent/guardian may choose to stay or drop off for private lessons.

    • Classes requiring supervision will have minimal students to account for adults being inside the facility.

  • Parents/guardians can walk their child in and assist with check-in. Any necessary payments will be made at arrival.

    • We encourage using our online booking and payments to expedite check-in. 

    • Our main entrance is to the right of the building and only one family should enter at a time. 

    • Please wait outside for your turn and remain socially distant while waiting outside.

    • Remember parents and children, except for toddlers, should wear a face covering upon entry. 

  • Anyone entering the gym will have their temperature taken, hands sanitized, and shoes cleaned.

    • Hand sanitizer and hand washing is available throughout the gym.

  • You may bring a small bag to hold your belongings and water bottle.

    • Distanced hooks and markers will be available for bags and water bottles.

    • Please arrive dressed and ready for class.

    • No outside food or drink is allowed, except for water.


Dismissal Procedure:

  • Children will sanitize their hands, collect their belongings, and make sure masks are on.

  • We will release children directly from the gym (front door) into the parking lot when a parent/guardian has arrived and confirmed who they are picking up.

  • Please wear your mask, take turns, and remain socially distant while picking up.

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