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Prism Elite New York was created to provide instruction to young athletes interested in cheerleading, tumbling, and All Star cheer. Our goal is to create a positive, safe, and engaging environment for athletes of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, to learn and progress their skills.
We specialize in all levels of tumbling and also teach the foundations of cheerleading, such as motions, jumps, and stunts. Our All Star teams provide a unique activity that is competitive and requires strong teamwork. Whether you want to prepare your skills for your local team, one of our competitive teams, or just learn to tumble, Prism is here to support and encourage you!
So, check us out and join the fun at Prism Elite New York! The prism of possibilities is endless when we work together!

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We are located just off I-95 in Mamaroneck, NY. We have a small parking lot beside our building, but free street parking is also available. 

Facility Highlights:

  • Air Conditioned and Heated Facility

  • Upgraded HEPA Filters and Air Purification

  • Large Spring Floor

  • Large Dead Mat Floor

  • Tumble Trampoline and Landing Mat

  • Air Tumble Track

  • Various Training Equipment

    • Panel Mats

    • Wedge Mats

    • Crash Mats

    • Spring Board Trampoline

    • Air Barrel

    • Handspring Trainer

    • Balance and Stunt Trainer

    • 8ft and 5ft Trampoline​ Wheels

    • Training Trampoline

    • Bungee Spotting Rig

  • Variety of Movement Encouraging Toys & Games

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